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Lower Macungie Township Recreation, Parks and Open Space Plan

 Lower Macungie Township, PA

As a follow up to the well-received Greenway Plan completed in 2013, Lower Macungie Township, again approached KMS for
assistance; this time, to prepare a Recreation and Open Space Master Plan to guide the Township in preserving and providing open space, and identifying recreation needs for its residents during the next twenty years. KMS worked closely with Township staff and a dedicated Steering Committee to analyze the Township's open spaces and recreation assets, and collect historic, cultural, demographic, and environmental data. This analysis helped identify opportunities and constraints for a comprehensive open space and recreation network that serves the entire Township. concept plans for public education and input. Other public outreach efforts included public opinion surveys, an interactive project team website, and a series of public meetings.

KMS developed a plan and report that included recommendations for improvements to existing facilities, construction of new facilities, policy changes, an opinion of costs, and phasing and maintenance guidelines to guide the Township in maximizing recreation opportunities while maintaining control of operating costs. KMS also worked with the Township to identify potential funding and partnering opportunities.  This, along with the Greenway Plan, give the Township tools and direction to protect and preserve valuable open space and wildlife habitat, provide high quality recreational opportunities, and maintain the character that residents have come to love.

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